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Charm is stronger than beauty

Its better to drive four horses than a donkey.

Prickly pear trees don’t produce peaches.

Better an ache than a tear.

Charm is stronger than beauty.

He who loves suffers.

It’s the fool who’ll get you in trouble.

Every bird is proud of its feathers.

You can't buy heaven with money.

Long skirts carry dust, but short skirts carry away souls.

The good die young.

You must kill the spider to get rid of the cobweb.

Death rights everything.

What was is no more, what if is just if.

Far from the eye, far from the heart.

No one takes away anything with him.

A kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance.

The good die first: And those, whose hearts are dry as summer dust, Burn to the socket.

Only fools and horses work.

A cry, a sniff, and all comes to naught.

Chasten thy son while there is hope.

Time gives good advice.

Memorable Proverbs

Only death is certain.

Where the heart loves, there the legs walk.

A cup must be bitter that a smile will not sweeten.

When a miser dies, the heirs feel as happy as when they kill a pig.

Mountain does not meet mountain, but a face meets another face.

One man's fault is another man's lesson.

Enjoy yourself, for there is nothing in the world we can call our own.

You can't buy heaven with money.

The wallet of the timid man neither increases nor decreases.

Insightful Proverbs cards

We are all equal before death.

An oven whose door does not shut does not bake its loaves.

With money you can build a road in the sea.

We are all flesh and blood.

In this world a pint of sweetness and a barrel of bitterness.

In the world there are more insane than sane.

The world is nonsense: what looks beautiful in the morning looks ugly in the evening.
He who has had no experience of evil cannot know the worth of what is good.
The wallet of the timid man neither increases nor decreases.
A woman can raise you to heaven and can dump you in hell.
Dont make sauce before catching fish.
The cat and the rat never thought alike.

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