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Quotes from the book The Laws Of Creation

Only you can achieve your desires; due to the gift of freedom of choice no God is going to come rushing to your aid.

What you see as real is just your perception of 'what is', change 'what is' by changing your perception.

Life is the accumulation of your thoughts and actions, by managing these you control your life.

You become who you are not by chance but by design; the sum of all your desires, thoughts and illusions.

Never compromise concerning what you wish to achieve.

You were born in order to practice the art of creation.

There no limit to your potential or what can be achieved.

Never settle for anything less than what you set out to achieve.

Your intentions will have an impact upon the outcome.

Through your efforts you can change what is into what should be.

The meaning that you give to life is the only meaning that it has.

The biggest driver or contributing factor of failure is giving up.

The bigger the dream the higher the chance of loosing it if you simply loose focus.

You always get what you want in one form or another, even if you don't fully realize it.

What you accept becomes your reality; just as what you work to achieve also does.

The cost of anything is your energy in the form of thought, actions and perseverance.

Fixing your desires then focusing upon them is a sure way to realize your dreams.

Opportunities must be taken immediately lest the chance is lost forever.

Negative preconceptions can cause havoc with your desired outcome.

Your life is made up of opportunities, those you took and those you didn't.

You attract and repel by your positive and negative energies.

You are faced with the consequences of your actions in one form or another.

Reality can be manipulated by intense focused desires.

What you conceive your reality to be is all that matters.

The accumulation of untapped desires is what leads to regrets.

Beyond reality your illusions are waiting to pacify you.

Wishes, trust, dreams and desires drive the mind to create.

The journey is governed by the plans you make or don't make.

Your judgment will be the driving factor for how your life evolves.

The cost of failure is a life far less wondrous than you deserve.

The sole purpose of life is the purpose that you give it.

It is all up to you whether or not you live a life filled with happiness and bliss.

If you don't take full control of your life fate or someone will.

You create what you are able to first perceive in thought.

You always get what you wish for in some form, even though you may not realize it.

Life is not about finding yourself, but more about creating who you truly wish to become.

The journey is governed by the plans you make or don't make.

You can only fully comprehend what can be yours until you try.

Never concede until what you want to achieve has become real within your world.

All things are changeable or variable with the right applied effort.

Maintain full control over all the important issues concerning your reality.

You need to pick and choose what you accept or dismiss.

You have the ability to deny anything the right effect your personal reality.

Putting your attention towards something gives it life.

It is up to us to decide whether we do our own bidding or that of others.

Life is your adventure within the realms of knowledge.

The outcome always is a reflection of the quality of the input.

The time that you are given should capitalize upon to the best advantage.

Your life is a testament to the fact that you once lived.

Allowing the reality of others to clash or overwhelm your reality never ends well.

You have the free will to do whatever you like.

Growth is achieved by touching the limits of potential.

The special moments are the basis for what become your best eternal memories.

Destiny is ever changing, being governed by current needs or desires.

Always put attention upon important desires that have potential to govern the future.

Never wait or procrastinate about what needs to be faced urgently.

There is the chance to create a life however or whatever is desired.

What you are prepared to accept is usually exactly what you actually get.

Memories are one of the few things that can take from this life.

Always endeavor to treasure each moment as special for it will never return.

Everything that you envision, give life to, becomes part of your reality in one form or another.

You create what you want by believing through imagination that it belongs to you already.

What you focus upon or give attention to will magnify in intensity, irrespective of whether it is something positive or negative.

You only need to find the right path for your life.

Your actions or lack of action does have consequences in eternity.

Creation is driven by energy in one form or another.

Wasting time will eventually lead to missed opportunities.

With effort you can be whoever or whatever you want to be.

Your abilities are infinite beyond comprehension.

Everything actually wants to be in harmony with you.

With the right amount of effort everything is indeed possible.

Objectives can be made as easy or as difficult as you wish.

The way that you think comes to governs your world.

There is no necessity for anything to be difficult.

Everyone has a destiny of their own desires.

Renewal is what drives life, making it interesting.

Create change then embrace that renewal in whatever form.

You are a creator, with the ability to create at will.

There is no necessity to follow the desires of others.

The world is a large and varied playground.

What is life but to experience as much as possible.

Happiness is indeed purely a state of mind.

Regrets are the most unnecessary experiences.

Through creating happiness for others you will in turn create happiness for yourself.

True reality is solely your perception of what is real.

Each action changes the course of the future in immensely complicated and intricate ways.

Things happen in order to fulfill some purpose.

There are always options to choose from; multiple opposites always exist.

You have the power to change an event and its impact.

Your desires for reality will always have priority.

Micro managing every aspect of your life in order to experience the things you want.

The only true reality is your own perception of what is real.

Always enjoy the moment for both its simplicity and complexity.

The belief that you are unique is paramount to gaining success.

Keep your focus upon perfection, a positive view of what you want.

What you aim for or are prepared to accept is exactly what you get.

You are the sum of all the influences that you have been exposed to.

Continually appraise your intentions, searching for what you actually want from life.

The laws of nature don't allow anything to remain constant for very long.

Make change your servant rather than the master.

Utilizing change in the best way possible to maximize the benefits available.

You have within you the tools to manage every element of your reality.

Life has infinite choices that you can choose to pursue.

You needs some objective worthy enough to pursue.

A life filled with meaning and purpose becomes a wondrous adventure.

It is always prudent to pay heed to any premonition that may arise.

Switching desires randomly always leads to confusion.

Each choice made changes the course of things forever.

Life's experiences are always in a constant state of flux.

Thoughts are the seeds for your potential reality.

Don't live life passively, but aim to be proactive, probing all the possibilities.

If you do not take full control of your destiny, fate will.

How things are perceived governs the outcome of reality.

Make this experience a real heaven on earth.

Exhort the physical and mental energy to achieve what you wish.

You will be judged not only by what you do, but also by what you don't do.

You always get what you wish for, but you may not recognize it.

You will be judged not only by what you did in life, but also by what you didn't do.

It is imagination that sets your reality in motion, bringing your dreams alive.

Thoughts drive your perception of reality, belief is the key that makes those thoughts real.

The path that you create or follow becomes the story of your life.

Memorable Proverbs

You are the creator of your own perceived reality.

If you don't create the future then fate will surely do that for you.

Everyone actually has immense creative powers.

There isn't anything that is impossible to achieve.

Positivity is the driver of all reality.

Day by day is definitely not the way to live your life.

Live your dream like it is in fact already real.

Everyone is bound by the constraints of perception.

You are able to freely reinvent the life you live in detail.

Insightful Quotes cards

The quality of your destiny is governed by your action or inability to act.

Change can be used to create the desired version of yourself.

You are an eternal entity making a connection with the physical world.

Always have a detailed vision for potential outcomes and how to achieved them.

You bind yourself by the chains of the burdens you accept.

Potential opportunities are endless.

You were are born to experience life in a way that will bring you joy. It is up to you whether you live a life of happiness or not.
It is your course through life that makes you what you are, not what others think or say you are.
The cost of your life is told not in what you achieved or do, but in the loss of what you didn't achieve or do.
Your Dreams are purely the reflection of your desires, brought into reality by the whim of a never resting mind.
Your life is not entirely concerned with finding your true self, but in the creation of who you really and truly believe you are.
It is true, you are what you think you are; you also become what you believe and desire you will become.

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