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Quotes from the book The Laws Of Creation Page 2

The future will be governed and created by the choices that are made from now.

It is always easier to start anew than recreate or modify whatever doesn't suit.

Never give up until the moment that your desires become true.

Life is capable of offering many opportunities for success or failure.

Find the place where you can be truly be free to enjoy the life desired.

There is the opportunity to make each experience worthwhile.

Your thoughts are far too valuable to be wasted on mundane intrusions.

It is always up to you how things can turn out.

Your perceived world is governed by the actions you either take or don't take.

Life is all about the balance of the energy and focus.

Create a detailed description of what you wish to manifest first.

Always aim to make your world so that you are happy.

You are born with the potential to reach to the highest heights.

Your limits are only governed by the quality of your desires and beliefs.

Paint whatever you desire on the blank canvas of life.

Create your very own oasis within the desert of your perceived reality.

Nothing is impossible if you simply never concede failure.

Most people fail at something because they gave up too soon.

All your expectations need to be positive.

Your attitude and outlook towards what is possible drives your beliefs.

Attitude is one of the key drivers in creating what you desire within your world.

It is the belief in all that you do that makes it worthwhile.

Whether time passes quickly or slowly is a matter of perspective.

Limitations are governed only by the unwillingness to take action.

Effort and energy is always paramount in the creative process.

You must always be the master of your own universe.

Your intentions need to have stability.

You need to make getting what you want a constant commitment.

Do what ever is necessary to achieve your aims.

Use and maximization all of all assets available to you.

You are richer than you understanding or belief.

It is possible to make life into anything your hearts desires.

Very few things occur without some form of action.

Action is what drives the creation of the things you desire.

Everything revolves around what you are prepared to do to make your desires real.

Effort put into action has the capacity to make all your dreams come true.

Decide the life that you wish to create.

Life like any masterpiece is a plan in progress.

Everything that is possible to conceive then believe is indeed possible.

There are solutions to achieve everything that you may desire.

Time offers the solutions to previously encountered difficulties.

Pursue your dreams relentlessly until they are achieved.

Are you here just to leave your footprints in the sands of time or to make a difference?

Everything that you give life to through thought becomes possible.

Reality is like putty, it can be molded or shaped into any form.

You do become what you think you are.

The world is limited only by your desire or expectations.

What you are expecting is usually exactly what you will get.

The old adage is relevant, nothing ventured nothing gained.

You must be steadfast in maintaining your desired position.

Most people have their own basic interests at heart.

Stay true to your beliefs and never surrender them.

Truth is only what is generally accepted.

The power of conscious thinking can make something true.

Everybody finally becomes what you expect them to be.

What you believe becomes what you perceive.

Perception is the means to manipulate your reality.

Life is indeed the greatest adventure you will ever take.

At some stage what you are searching for will come to light.

Never loose sight of the fact that life is just an experience.

At any time you can find then make plans to pursue a new life course.

Experience life to the full on your own terms and your timeline.

Luck is created by the focused energy of undoubting belief.

Life is about creating your own luck.

Compromise causes cracks or weaknesses within any creative desire.

Persistent determination enables dreams to come true.

Never give up no matter how long it takes.

In life you basically can get what you allow, accept, pursue or want.

Limit the chance for anything unexpected to come about.

Imagination is the basis upon which things first become real.

Don't leave your desires to fate or regrets.

To be positive is what will lead to a brighter now.

There is always light in your life, but you have to find it.

Control reality though visualization techniques.

Desires do impact reality in infinite ways.

Your abilities are limited only by your imagination.

Pursue with unending focus what you set out to achieve.

You need to decide clearly exactly what you want.

Avoid letting others impact your reality in any way.

Every situation can be what you make it through how you perceive it.

Belief in the potential to achieve or obtain what you want is critical.

To create a real difference you have to challenge yourself.

You are given carte blanch to do as you please in life.

Wherever your thoughts lead to that is where you will be.

Your expectations are the main driving force in forming reality.

The key in life is always to find contentment, your true bliss.

The biggest irony is regret, it is completely unnecessary because it is avoidable.

A defined purpose should be the essence and goal of your life.

You can determine each and every aspect of your life.

What you wish to pursue are your right alone to choose.

Most people are only aware of a fraction of what is going on around them.

Don't be a puppet carrying out the unjustified desires of others.

There is more to reality than what you are accustomed to.

Don’t crucify your potential on the crosses of negative internal mind games.

Reach beyond your limits and constraints to pursue your own heaven on earth.

Acceptance of change is necessary when you manifest your life.

There isn't any necessity to accept things as they are.

Everything depends upon the challenges you may wish to create.

You will always see and believe exactly what you want to see and believe.

Experiences are meant for you to keep as eternal memories.

Determine what you need to change, attract or acquire.

Action is always the stepping-stone to achieve a better tomorrow.

Your new improved life is waiting for you.

Fear has a strong level of vibration, and consequently strong attraction forces.

Accentuate what you want to occur in life.

Thoughts need to firmly fix toward the things you want.

Don’t give life to anything undesirable through focusing attention upon them.

Love always exists as a primary component of who you are.

Trust is the element that binds your every interaction with others.

Action that is the key catalyst needed to drive your dreams.

It is pure energy that brings things into being.

There are no limits upon what can be created.

What can be achieved is limited only by your ability to think things into existence.

Creation is only limited by the amount of energy that you are prepared to exert.

Choices and decisions create the basis for how life plays out in its entirety.

Begin to understand the creative potential that does exist.

To experience and how time is spent is what life is about.

Control and manage the changes that you are subjected to.

Clarity is brought into being by a positive mindset.

You give life to things by focusing upon them.



Don't bind yourself within the invisible barbwire of unwanted thoughts.

Control the elements of each and every day through the choices you make.

If you're not satisfied with your life then determine what needs changing.

If your thoughts are positive then positives will occur.

Fate can be controlled or manipulated.

You can by desire and effort change anything to suit yourself perfectly.

Wishing has a critical purpose in the creative process.

Never stop wishing for wishing is the essence of life.

The stronger the desire to obtain something, the easier it will be to acquire.

Every single thing you do has some reaction or creates a subsequent action.

Always consider all the various impacts that could arise from your actions.

This experience is really just an illusionary playground called life.

Positive higher energy vibrations are able to negate the weaker negative energies.

You become the accumulation of the circumstances that you accepted.

This is your life, a chance to be whatever you wish.

Learn to cherish the good that some people bring to your life.

True wealth is that of achieving total bliss.

It is important not to be susceptible to dominating thoughts of others.

What is accepted as truth doesn't mean that it is in fact true.

The belief in any thing comes to make it real.

Have the desire and will power seek out your dreams.

Fate can only be governed and managed solely by firm desires.

Focus on what can be rather than what is.

Become truly alive by realizing your full potential.

Always be fully aware of all the opportunities that are available.

You are most definitely a creature of your own creation.

Everything that you come in contact with in your environment does impact you.

Limit the impact that others have upon your daily life.

Others will always attempt to gain influence over you.

What you think about most is generally what you get.

Take care to best utilize of the time available to you to the best effect.

Create internal happiness though ignoring undesirable negativity.

Positivity is a powerful force for overcoming many things.

Every element of the environment you experience is driven by your thoughts.

Open your perception to a wider range of information.

Always seek to maximize the full ability of your senses.

All around a symphony is playing, The Symphony of Life.

Life flows when you are in harmony with all that is around you.

You need to create your own world with your own rules.

Your will power is the driving force behind what lies in store for you.

You need to identify what you really need from your life.

Every single thing in the physical reality is only temporary.

This physical conscious state is temporary and so are the things within it.

Fixed desires help draw what you want close.

Stay fixed and focused upon what you specifically want.

Without managing risk the situation most likely will spin out of control.

To reach any goal the process or journey needs to be planned well.

What you want requires a strong focused desire and constant energy.

Adding meaning or some purpose to your life is the key to reality.

The creation of memories is what life is all about.

The greatest crime is to do nothing of value.

You have full control over your destiny.

The meaning of life is to find what fills you with bliss.

You really do need to focus on what makes you happiest in life.

Seek and create those things that will have value in eternity.

You should be selective in choosing experiences.

Careful thought about the life choices you make is imperative.

Life is meant to be a fun experience, full of wonder and meaning.

Desires are the engine that drives your beliefs.

What you come to believe is possible to achieve.

Just find the essence of any issue then focus upon that.

Living life can be as simple or as complicated as you wish.

Learning to live life to its fullest is an art worth pursuing.

Fate will follow specific patterns if not challenged by change.

Control the future through your creative powers.

Hope without action is quite a weak and fruitless emotional.

Trust in achieving or obtaining exactly what you want.

Trust in the ability to bring dreams into reality.

The realization of all your dreams should be a primary desire and goal.

Always strongly reject unanimously anything that isn't acceptable.

Each single breath taken is for solely to achieve your own purpose.

Guard each and every moment for the precious thing that it is.

Life will run away with your time if you don't take care.

Success in life can be the achievement of your goals and desires.

Both successes and failures all determine the legacy of your life.

Success is therefore to obtain satisfaction with your life.

In some cases what is untrue today can become true tomorrow.

Timing is everything were belief is concerned.

What is real is purely limited to what you are prepared to believe.

Your mind also lives in the future of possibilities.

Be a realist while still pursuing your dreams.

Always judge then act based on clear logic of what makes sense.

Irrespective of the situation never surrender to fate.

Destiny is not to live day by day at the hands of fate.

Chance will always offer you special opportunities.

Your ultimate dream awaits you, all you need to do now is live it.

If you wait long enough every issue is either resolved or forgotten.

Relationships of any form are always built around give and take.

Repay any kindness you receive from others.

You are a creator who can create your own reality.

Never giving up until what you wish to create is achieved.

You were given free will to do as we please.

Change is the energy that drives reality.

The chances are there for the taking.

There is no necessity to over complicate things.

Things were never meant to be difficult.

Capture the essence of every moment.

You have a whole array of potential just waiting for you to make a decision.

If your needs are chosen well then life will be as it should be, a wonder to behold.

Don’t end up doing life's bidding, instead of life doing your bidding.

Control the details that will make your life more fulfilling and beneficial.

It is important to stay true to your intuitive beliefs.

Life holds whatever potential you are prepared to reach for.

Memorable Proverbs

The cost of not trying is your reality.

Follow your desires, not those of others.

Time changes everything.

The cost of your apathy is your reality.

The Gods don't care, it is all up to you.

You see what you want to see.

You create through your thoughts.

The main key to creation is belief.

Peace is governed by perception.

Insightful Quotes cards

The creation of anything requires perseverance.

Each of us has a specific right as creators.

Never leave anything unresolved for long.

Life is the most enjoyable game you will ever play.

Loving yourself is just as important as loving others.

Life’s purpose is to pass the time meaningfully.

When your desires are not translated into reality they become the regrets of your tomorrows.
Control your thought patterns to ensure they don't become malignant or negative.
You are the only one to blame if something unwanted or undesirable happens to you.
Creative desires need to be projected into the future where they can materialize.
Don’t focus on material things, rather create the circumstances or feelings you desire.
The fear of failure or fear of success is what leads to making life mundane.

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