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There's no long-term purchase plan available for life.

Each moment while precious is actually undervalued by many.

Your decisions and actions give life to things.

It is always difficult to surrender what exists for what might be.

Don't confine your life’s freedoms to a prison of your own making.

All your future tomorrow's are destined to become an actual reflection of all your yesterdays.

Everything in life has a limited shelf-life, basically an expiry date.

It is imperative to cultivate the ability to calmly come to terms with any situation.

Those that wish to control you will always try to limit your options or eliminate legitimate choices.

Life choices are simple, either take full control over whatever happens to you or let fate run the show.

There is a tendency to spend a lifetime rushing here and there indiscriminately chasing rainbows.

The world is a playground for personal desires.

Many are living within a prison created within the confines of their own mind.

The kind hand may conceal many intentions.

There are those who wish ill intent but are able to smile at those that they despise.

What you focus upon comes to drive your reality.

The puppet masters only concern is how well they can manipulate their marionettes.

In order to create a continual cycle of renewal, it is necessary to let go of certain things.

Life is like a play or movie, it can only be a success with a detailed, well thought-out script.

Maintaining a desire long enough until it comes to fruition is necessary.

Some rush through life by linking together a constant stream of trivial pursuits.

Changing your mind is a prerogative that is legitimate to exercise.

Life is either about accepting what exists or creating what is desired.

Avoid being brainwashed or controlled by the opinions or attitudes of others.

The aim of demanding quick responses or decisions is to limit time to consider options.

Being right or wrong is often judged by who wins or who loses.

A lie is always more interesting, creative, focused, and inspiring than the truth.

History has become littered with the broken souls of the defeated.

Life is just passing allusion, you are simply in the playground of your own imagination.

All that is experienced is geared by perception.

The future is only as bright and as wonderful as the dreams and actions that you create.

The quality of the input will eventually be understood in the value of the results.

There is a need to drive and manage life while not letting life drive or manage you.

Always try to extract as much value as possible from whatever is pursued.

Information has no benefit or purpose if there is no potential to use it in some productive way.

Success has whatever elements you wish to contribute to it.

It is never what life brought your way but rather what you brought to life.

Repeated enough times even the most obvious obnoxious lies become to seem like the truth.

It is obviously a good rule not to lie to others but even more important not to lie to oneself.

Life is given to you as a sacred covenant to do with exactly as you please.

Control your thoughts, if not others will.

Love the life you live by living the life you love.

Each new day is an invitation to an adventure of your own making.

Life is for living not for been stuck in a rut of complacency where normality consists of the mundane.

It doesn't make sense to take on the second-hand beliefs that others proffer.

There is no necessity to do anything that doesn't bring you some form of satisfaction or enjoyment.

Don't be impacted by things that are only fleeting temporary distractions.

Just because an objective appears to not be possible at present doesn't mean it’s unrealistic.

Maximizing time doesn't mean rushing around like there is no tomorrow.

Understanding that time is limited helps to motivate the use of each moment to the best advantage to achieve things of value.

The cost of success is the energy necessary to achieve what you want, be this mental or physical effort.

There is potential to control your fate or let fate control you, the choice is entirely yours to make.

It is important never to judge others by your own standards or assume that others think, comprehend or perceive exactly as you do.

Control your mind in order to control your world.

If this journey of life is only walked alone it will be a long and lonely hard road to follow.

Without sufficient control, fate is pushing your switches on a continual basis.

Time appears to rush by without any concern for its impact upon you.

Life is for sure the greatest game that you'll ever play.

The major cost in life is the time wasted that can't possibly ever be replaced.

Many set pieces of advice given in kind have passed their use by date and need reevaluating.

Those who expect their dreams to come true without any physical or mental effort are deluding themselves.

People and things are often judged based on their value or potential value.

There is never a necessity to act immediately no matter what anyone may say.

The energy that you put out always reflects back upon you, so it is certainly smart to always be highly positive.

There is no sense of wrapping your mind in the barbwires of depressing or negative thought.

Many are stumbling in the dark looking for answers to questions they are yet to form.

Ants that fell foul of the little boys' sadistic actions is verification that situations can change not only quickly but also quite drastically.

Everyone is in a constant state change both physically as well as mentally.

The effort it takes to achieve greatness is equal to the effort to live in mediocrity.

Live the life you live or live the life of your true potential the choice is totally yours.

Chances are either grabbed in the moment or will potentially be lost forever.

Chaos is only caused by the reaction to what happens.

You can't change your life on the same level of thought that brought to where you are now.

Nothing is constant in the whirl of energy called reality, everything is in a state of motion.

Rather than undergoing random changes, it is preferable to dictate what those changes will be.

What occurs is only as bad as you think or believe.

The situation is often made worse by not solving problems quickly.

There isn't anything that should ever be considered permanent, as everything is evolving or changing in some way.

You are in a continuous cycle of renewal, where all you comprehend doesn't stay unchanged for long.

Even if all around is akin to madness it is ideal to remain placid, there is no need to join in the insanity.

Usually what you think about the most has the potential to actually come about.

Don't let minor issues fester beyond their true value, either take action or shift pesky issues to the dustbin of the insignificant.

Any dismissal or ignoring of an inspirational thought is like putting the brakes on creativity.

Many have what is called convenient lack of a intelligence.

The things that govern your life most of all are your habits.

Over a lifetime there are vast amounts of available time that on analysis are wasted.

Any form of laziness will more than likely prove expensive in the long-term in one form or another.

There is a necessity to catch the winds of chance while they blow.

Make a concerted effort in everything that you pursue or attempt.

Indecisiveness or the inability to act only invites disaster or undesirable results over the long run.

It is possible to change your entire life experience simply by altering the way you view life itself.

If life doesn't live up fully to your expectations you need to change your point of view or change your expectations.

Time on the surface doesn't seem to cost anything, where in fact time costs a lifetime.

Prioritizing is paramount rather than allowing the most intrusive issues that arise to have dominance.

Everything that occurs is an accumulation of what you have knowingly or unknowingly set in motion.

Your emotions control almost the entire perception and manipulation of the world.

Unlike a good wine knowledge or information doesn't age well, soon becoming obsolete or less valuable with the passing of time.

Information like money is only useful or has value when it is fully utilized.

Lies are always the strongest tools of the aggressor, as lies are difficult to disprove due to their chameleon-like nature.

Most of the people who don't achieve or get exactly what they want is generally due to giving up far too soon.

The world won't come to an end just because you're taking your foot off the metaphorical pedal and taking a break.

There are no benefits by letting whatever difficulties that have already passed trouble you in the present.

You will always more than likely get what your efforts deserve whether you realize that or not.

The main thing to remember is everything is about the experience, nothing else really matters one way or the other.

Never accept blindly whatever occurs in your life as being unchangeable, everything can be altered exactly in accordance to what you wish to experience.

It is what is surrendered to others that leaves you at their mercy.

An innocent comment can be twisted so much out of proportion that it is beyond comprehension what happened.

There is potential for any probability to see the light of day in any situation that isn't suitably controlled.

Everything that you are experiencing is an actual accumulation of your thoughts.

Many are slaves to society including those who impose or enforce the rules and controls.

The boundaries that exist and confine potential are actually created within the subconscious mind.

Your life becomes a reflection of your thoughts.

You have the choice to create any mood you desire both positive and negative.

Your intentions are precious, you need to guard them with all the effort you can muster.

There is the choice to give life a meaning that you desire or let life create what occurs almost by default.

With enough thought, it is possible to maximize your time to obtain the most advantages.

You should always maximize your time to achieve what you need while the opportunities are available.

You must always be aware that nothing stays the same forever.

All things you encounter are a game of chance.

You make what occurs as bad as you become to believe.

The will to persevere far outweighs the preordained concept of what you can or can't endure or achieve.

No matter how bad things are there is always a solution.

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Let go of the millstone of the past in order to make the future you want.

Reality is a stage upon which people act out their fantasies.

Not limiting your beliefs opens pathways to infinite potential.

Make the choices that will determine a better life for you.

The road to success is littered with broken dreams of those who lost focus.

Your beliefs and decisions will create and dictate the path from which your future is formed.

Without defining clearly what you want it becomes quite difficult to actually achieve that.

There is always the available option of letting the hands of fate do that planning for you.

Pursuing a specific line of thought with intent opens up a rainbow of opportunities.

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You need to develop the ability to manage the various personalities that will likely cross your path.

The clock is ticking so it is wise to fully capitalize on the time that is available.

Efforts made to achieve the desired result only has the cost of time, thought, and energy.

Expectations which are devoid of imagination or greatness commit some to a life of mediocrity.

If you allow a chain of undesirable events to proceed then the outcome is solely your fault.

Looking back on the past should only be for reference and not with regret.

Without priorities having precedence over inconsequential minor matters of life the insignificant issues have the innate ability to capture attention.
There is a meaning and a purpose to everything, so there is a need to ask yourself what is the meaning and purpose of your life?
What hasn't worked sufficiently or successfully to date is extremely unlikely to work in the future without a dramatic alteration.
There are both constructive and destructive forces all around, each needs managing to keep them under your firm control.
It is better to consider walking away literally or metaphorically from any condition that demands such recourse.
Unlike money, time is irreplaceable and therefore the most troubling costliest loss that can conceivably be faced.

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