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Quotes from the book "Life Is A Cocktail"

A different reality is waiting for you, all it takes is the willpower, determination and effort to pursue your dreams and desires.

Like beating iron when its hot enough, issues are also easier to forge and manage while new.

Don’t become manipulated by the illusion of who you think you are, or who you think you should be.

Only by pursuing your dreams with a strong intent have you any chance to make them real.

To understand what is relevant a long term observation of what is observed must be taken.

Never place something that is temporary over the priority of something of permanence.

Nature never gives up or concedes, always driving on, expanding continually.

There is only a small window of time in which to gain or loose what you want.

Time is the best element for resolving whatever troubles you.

The value of anything is only relative in the moment of contemplating it.

Make the changes necessary to create the life you want.

Chasing rainbows never offered the best results.

Avoid putting attention on anything that disturbs you.

Always focus on the solution, avoid being consumed by undesirable circumstances.

Time expands or contracts through the illusions attributed to it.

Only what you willingly accept can continue to be part of your life.

Aim to live the life that gives you the most of what you want.

Freedom is formed by achieving your true desires.

Avoid those who would take what is yours to use as the like.

The best defence is to keep off the radar of negative people.

There is no necessity to pander to the attention of others if it isn’t desired.

Never assume, only rely on facts to base your decisions.

To shut something out place all your attention elsewhere.

Choices are often disguised as a necessity when no choice at all is possible.

Thoughts uncontrolled have the capacity to become lost in very dark places.

Desires unattached to strong beliefs have the potential to become unstable.

It is difficult to achieve anything that can’t create a constant focus.

Some desires are left unaccomplished through lack of commitment or clarity.

What you don’t control can later come back to impact you.

Knowing more and understanding less.

Harness the power of positive perspectives.

There are those who know much but understand little.

Truth and lies are uncomfortable bedfellows.

Capture the positive perspective of life.

Highlight what counts and contributes the most.

How things are comprehended changes them.

Positives are capable of transforming negatives.

Truth is the perception of how things are viewed.

The projection of thoughts onto reality what the mind believed important.

A perspective can be dynamic or unimpressive solely dependant on a point of view.

There is a choice how to view any situation, that choice can make all the difference to the outcome.

Chance is governed by the choices that you make.

The consequences of illusions becomes reality.

Chance won’t always deliver what you want.

Understanding has more value than knowledge.

The ability to understand is more valuable than knowledge.

Learning to process what happens as a positive.

Look upon everything in a positive light.

Avoid whatever causes negative thoughts.

Comprehension internally could appear differently externally to others.

Expanding positives to enable potential for desires to become alive.

Defying gravity thinking allowing any misconceptions from gaining ground.

Continuously rambling thoughts disrupt the potential for positive thinking.

The choice is to pursue your desired destiny or become a prisoner of fate.

Objective to change peoples way to think and thoughts thereby changing reality through perception.

Fear only exists within the mind and is given power through belief.

Noise seem to be a way to pass personal stress onto others.

Life is whatever you wish it to be or believe what it is or can become.

False beliefs that are indoctrinated into the population for a specific reason and outcomes.

Imagination holds the key to finding potentials to pursue.

Don’t leave it too late to achieve your desired priorities.

Avoid becoming entrapped by the mundane, pursue the best potential outcome for any situation.

Seek out the wonder and excitement that life holds for those who search for the best experiences.

Seek out the wonder and excitement that life experiences can hold.

Avoid wasting time by pursuing ideal pursuits.

Control what your mind focuses upon.

Only allow what contributes positively into your life.

Keep your thoughts focussed solely upon positives.

Have a narrow focus upon what you wish to achieve.

You may hope, but may not know, two quite different concepts.

Desires can be broken by the will of others if they are allowed to weaken or be betrayed.

Observations are determined by the ability to fully perceive actually what exists rather that what is believed or desired to be real.

A fight may result in success or humiliation just as avoiding a fight will result in success or humiliation.

What the night brings is the ability to dream beyond the abilities available when conscious and there for lays the ground for the route to achieve a desire.

All you have left from the relationships are memories and a bag of dust.

The conclusion should always remain flexible to accept ever changing availability of information.

Intuition should be taken close notice of, as once the thought has been experienced it then has the capacity to become real within reality.

Blame is not the best way to find a solution.

Simply, imagination can bring forth from the depth of consciousness concepts that can change the construct of reality as it has been know.

Let go of the impacts that determine the past, then embrace the new to create the future.

What is lost is replaced in some way.

The mind creates illusions. Believing that what is experienced is an illusion is what shifts reality into an illusion, when in fact what is observed can be quite firmly rooted within reality.

Soggy logic is the means by which it is possible to both delude and confuse what could in fact be quite simple to resolve satisfactorily.

Revitalisation of anything stagnated is only achieved by vigorous well executed change.

There are times in life when what happens is fully controlled by circumstances.

Conditions can govern what happens.

The elements at play can be more forceful than one’s own power.

Circumstances beyond your control can take over what occurs and when.

Powerful factors can come to determine the outcome.

The ability to control circumstances when they are driven by other forces will certainly be challenging.

It is necessary to accept conditions that can’t be managed, but are driven by powerful forces that are aligned in opposition.

Chance can create undesirable conditions, the choice remains whether to accept or reject what occurs.

Opportunities should be found and evaluated for how to avoid unwanted circumstances.

The day may seem like a dream and a dream seem like a day.

Always confirm understanding is not just a personal interpretation.

Between realities conception and perception a whole array of possibilities can exist.

Time offers opportunities to experience, with the ability to be whatever you make it.

Beware of making sacrifices others don’t fully appreciate.

Being aware of others needs they don’t appreciate.

Sacrifices aren’t always fully appreciated by others.

Beware of false narratives aimed against you.

What seems obvious may be a completely mistaken understanding.

There are always negatives hidden behind the motives of others.

Only willing acceptance gives legitimacy for anything to exist permanently.

Your behaviour and reactions determine the responses towards you.

What you don’t fully value will finally be lost to you at some stage.

You become what you pursue.

What you are exposed to most determines your personality.

Over complaining only confuses the essence of things.

Isolate the changes necessary to bring about the life you most desire.

Life is a playground that if treat as such will bring joy and bliss.

Capture the essence of your desires within what you choose to pursue.

Don’t focus on unnecessary external influences that have some specific or desired effect upon you.

There are some factors in life that need to be ignored least they come attracted to impact you.

What you pay attention to can effect or impact either positively or negatively.

Prioritising is important to avoid any form of regrets.

Relaxing mentally and physically has endless benefits.

The choices can be simple if concentrated to the essence of what they represent.

What is pursued with persistent vigour has a better potential to become true.

If one idea fails to solve an issue keep thinking up new ideas until success is achieved.

Endless possibilities always exists all that’s necessary is the willingness to search for them.

Don’t give situations the right to exist by focusing upon unwanted negatives.

Use desires to drive what you want into reality.

Conformity beyond what is really necessary confines thought and actions to what has been determined by others.

Don’t bind your freedom to factors that seek to control you.

Avoidance of the undesirable is managed through what you pursue.

Chance doesn’t always deliver what you want.

The value of anything is based solely on perception.

Only what you willingly accept can be part of your life.

Time expands or contracts according to the illusions attributed to it.

What you attract is compounded once you focus on it.

Always follow the life-path that provides the most satisfaction.

Allow the good things in life to come to you.

Time becomes the essence that evolves to match your thoughts ideas and desires.

Life simply is finding productive ways to pass time.

What is pursued with intent will be the easiest to achieve.

The way to freedom is being devoid of unnecessary things.

Dreams if not pursued are like butterflies that flap their wings and fly away.

Make the changes necessary to create the life that you want.

The best choice is change whenever things aren’t right.

Controlling the creative elements of life will yield the future you desire.

Don’t wait, take the necessary action.

Time is the best element for resolving what troubles you.

Choice not chance is what delivers what you seek.

Whatever is lost is replaced in some way.

The consequences of illusions becomes reality.

Deciding what you really want is what finally brings possibilities to life.

Isolating priorities to pursue will focus energies, bringing success closer.

All your tomorrows are simply a reflection or consequences of your thoughts today.

Never place things that are temporary over those of performance.

Life representatively repeats itself unless constant change is pursued.

Change is always a period of opportunity.

Things don’t only change they also change you.

Chance is governed by the choices you make.

Endeavour to life the life the provides the things you want.

Fervently pursuing your dreams gives the chance to become real.

Never loose sight of what you wish to achieve.

The energy put into resolving an issue equals the results achieve.

The best defence is to keep off the radar of negative forces.

Doing what feels right has more benefits than doing what has been dictated by others.

Opportunities come to those who seek them.

A passive response or attitude invites only mediocre results.

Avoid negative impacts effect the frequency of your thoughts.

Find positives in all you encounter.

Stop your mind from chattering away unproductively.

Avoid absorbing external negatives by focusing upon them.

Create new experiences and behaviours don’t become a creature of habit.

Design a life that can achieve what you wish to experience and obtain.

Don’t entertain any form of negative.

Focus on goals that will create a life you desire.

Avoid unwanted external influences.

Enrich your life by choosing carefully what you experiences.

Relentlessly pursue those strong intuitive desires.

Always put effort into making each moment precious.

What you obsess about becomes prevalent within your reality.

Whatever gains your attention will intensify.

Every moment is an opportunity to create what you most desire.

The focus on certain things accentuate them.

Avoid focusing on what you don’t want.

Seek exactly what you want, rather than compromising.

If life seems out of control it’s because you stopped paying attention to details.

It’s a case of breaking a cycle when things don’t go smoothly.

Life can be as simple or as complexed as you are prepared to make it.

Things don’t improve because you want them to, they improve whenever the appropriate action is taken.

You can’t leave the resolution of whatever may bother you to change.

Challenge what needs to be resolved quickly.

Each of us are existing in our own self created cell doing time.

We are all specs of dust in eternity.

What you want may not always be what you need.

Anxiety diminish if you quietly analyse the life.

Don’t loose sight of your true desires.

Weakness or forgiveness only invites further transgressions against you.

Get in contact with your heart consciousness.

Bring your life into line with your true desires.

Feel at a loss, seeking solutions, the heart consciousness intuition could yield the answers you are reality looking for.

The direction to resolve what troubles your life, is a heart beat away.

The best friend you have for advice is your own intuition.

Troubled by life’s many issues? Getting connected to your heart intuition could lead to revelations.

Life is fragile, you need to be strong to survive.

No matter how dire things are, new always evolves from old, there is always ways to go forward.

Change the things about you that you have a strange sense to change.

Address the things about you that needs to change.

Modify or improve to meet what challenges you.

Don’t feel out of touch, get in contact with your intuitive abilities.

Stop emotions ruling your life, allow the deep intuitive thought to adapt the self to the situation.

The best friend you have is your inner self, your higher consciousness.

Lost without direction, make worthy goals to follow that will enliven your life.

There is no end, only new beginnings, start the cycle of continuous evolving.

Look for ways to enliven the mundane use inspirations to add a sparkle to life.

The answers you seek are always there, only the right questions need to be asked.

Don’t judge from surface impressions, seek to find what lies beneath the outer impressions.

What others impressions is of you good or otherwise shouldn’t concern you.

What only really counts is creating your own ideal impression of yourself.

Don’t simply worry about the future; create a future you don’t need to worry about.

Focus solely only upon what will enliven your life for the better; dismiss any negatives or unproductive thoughts, they will detract from what is beneficial for you.

Avoid fixating on what is an unnecessary illusion; aim your thoughts towards real desirable goals.

Your external image is less important than your self awareness.

Cease creating undesirable scenarios by controlling your thoughts.

Train the mind to stop lingering on negative rants, readjust to positive affirmations.

Time spent on unrealistic thoughts should be redirected towards planning a positive future.

Life can be a drudgery unless scenarios effort is put into planning the future desired.

What you think you want can be quite different from what will serve you best.

If you are alone use the time well to bring about the life that will serve you best.

The distractions in life are numerous with many deluded into giving these credibility.

Modern reality is built upon distractions to pacify, to pass the days, without any realisation of the true importance of existence and how it can be manipulated to create what is desired.

Don’t attach your psyche to societies false heroes or supposed roll models, they are merely, false odds and distractions.

You don’t always have the power over others want that you may think you have.

Open your mind to your environment not just seeing the obvious but paying attention to the toatl dynamics of what is.

What truly encompasses your environment is mostly lost within the background noise of the observed reality.

Creating a zone of influence protracted by your energy shell can contribute towards protecting you from undesirable effects.

Only by achieving things can one write their destiny on time.

Achievements are what come to make life wonderful; the memories make the effort worthwhile.

The people who attract others through the noise they make are manipulating the fabric of your reality for some ulterior motive.

Selfish transgressions into the tranquility of others lives.

Seek to create and find freedom within your known world experience.

Your future is controlled by the extent of your desires and dreams.

Once you proceed towards a goal remain focused.

The tides of time pass so unnoticeably, aim to achieve in such a way your legacy will live on.

Seek the heart of the matter for there lies the seeds of the solution.

Search for meaning in all you do, for without meaning your endeavour will be fruitless.

Relax, for stress will cloud your judgement and demean your efforts.

The subconscious is programmed by society to achieve what ever is desired by society.

Inspirational ideas that come about by studying the dynamics of things that occur in daily life then finding ideas to deal with and understand these these issues.

What possesses the mind to the extent that it focuses often on the insignificant.

What creates and what destroys separate how to view these things.

Deciding to seek out new and enlivening thought patterns can provide and escape from the norm.

Hesitation can allow an opportunity to pass you by without being capitalised on.

Life is a cycle unless variety is injected into by pursuing a different course or things that are exciting or invigorating.

Thoughts tend to create in the environment the potential for them to be realised or come about.

Calming the mind when it is forming unwanted thoughts ensures that undesirables are controlled.

You would think there is free will if you had been predestined to think it.

Free will exists if you think about it.

The opposite of courage is conformity, the adherence to the precepts fixed by others.

The choice are free, only the outcome has some form of demand.

The choices are just as endless as the potential outcomes they enable.

If choices you want aren’t available then create them, bring them into the fabric of whatever you wish to change..

Reality is just an illusion of consciousness.

Assumptions can become beliefs but without substantiation they should really remain assumptions.

How to gain proof can be difficult to isolate unless following intuition leads to answers.

Pain is said to be partially controllable by consciousness; yet the key to those necessary thoughts is mostly unknown.

What is taken from you should never have significant if it is replaceable.

Conclusion confine the potential for change, always leave open any experience to expand beyond its present to its full potential capabilities.

Don’t let negative frequencies imposed externally influence your feelings by attracting your attention.

Manipulation of your feeling can impact you dramatically, and be the seeds of mental and physical decline.

There is potential for others impacted by some negative event to also influence you also remotely. It is ideal to shut out these influences once you feel there impact effecting you.

Being aware of negative frequencies generated by some world event should warn you to be protected against negative energy flows.

The harnessing and manipulation of the collective consciousness using heartfelt dramatic events to create specific thought reactions and impacts upon the frequencies of the physical body reality thereof.

You can’t create what could be from what already exists.

Reality is not an illusion, it is a product of perception.

Reality in effect is a product of the collective consciousness.

Everyone has the opportunity to choose or decide what they believe, based upon experiences, intuition and observations.

Everyone has the right to believe or disbelieve whatever or not what they feel matches their personal understanding.

One thing in life is that there is no necessity to please everyone.

The choice how to perceive the various dynamics of life is a personal one.

Life is the wonder of all sorts of tangents.

What others believe is their reality and not necessarily yours.

Avoid the illusions that are created by others.

The value of your reality is the attention that you pay to make it real.

There are those who upset the balance that exists either through their actions or their incompatible frequencies.

What can be conceived within the imagination has the potential to become real within reality.

There are those who will try to manipulate your perception; what you think, including your behaviour and responses to stimuli they drive and control.

What to believe can be a choice between intuition and guess work.

What is meant, what seems inferred, and what is understood can be quite different.

There is no necessity to be subservient to the illogical or manipulative views or requirements of others.

When assumptions are pure guess work what evolves can be quite different that what was expected.

In this reality you are given a blank page upon which to write the story of your life.

Life is your own personal sandbox to play in.


Life is a blank canvas upon which to paint the story of your life upon.

Don’t leave your future to guess work, base your intentions upon clear well thought out objections.

It is through a combination of the mind and heart consciousness states that a true realisation can be achieved.

Don’t let others dictate how you feel through their words and actions.

Only focus on what brings you joy, avoid any unstable or undesirable situations.

Control over circumstances you find yourself in is imperative, in order to live in peace.

Others will impact you in one way or another if steps are not taken to counteract any intrusions or disturbances of the equilibrium.

Persevering doesn’t solve an issue, persevering is paramount to acceptance and will be taken as such by others.

To seek gain at the expense of others will only lead to some form of reaction in time.

Nurturing is better than control, asking is preferred to demanding, showing is superior to telling, cooperating is more advisable than decent.

Always consider what can be achieved is worth the effort required.

The value of things is always in relation to what was necessary to obtain it.

Procrastination can be one of the major stumbling blocks to achievement of what needs doing.

How things that happens will impact or affect you is determined by the attention they are given.

Don’t make unnecessary sacrifices, spend time finding the best solution to resolve what you face with the most logical and least troublesome way.

Only what you can comprehend has an illusion of reality.

Give priority to things of lasting value and importance rather than temporary significance or those with unknown factors.

Give preference to things of the greatest lasting value, rather than the benefits or value of the moment.

Give preference to the permanent rather than the temporary.

What has value in the moment may not be sustained over the long term.

Focus on the most important at the expense of passing temporary distractions.

What may seem important in the moment may be irrelevant over the long term. Give focus to what has lasting value.

Value things from how they will be valued over the long term.

At times the cost of peace is isolation from an insane world.

The beauty within is usually reflected in external beauty in one form or another.

Avoid situations that make you uncomfortable, least they impact your frequency.

There can be a gap between what you think you want and what deep down you really want.

Determining the difference between deep desires and passing fantasies is the key to achieving your true destiny.

Don’t be fooled by the illusions of what you have been lead to believe is real or true, seek your deepest desires and understandings of what is real.

Don’t let those passing desires of the moment blind you to the greater potential of things you truly desire.

Your reality is only what you perceive and then believe, it may not match what others observe as true or real.

Don’t fail to see a better way simply due to indoctrination of what has become a habit.

Life unfolds in order to meet whatever expectations exist.

Making do is sometimes just not enough effort, the aim should always be aimed at achieving excellence.

Take what exists then make that into whatever you wish.

Supportive relationships are superior to dependant or controlling ones.

How interpretation is effective depends upon clarity and unchained consciousness.

The moment is precious, controlling and effecting the outcome of everything that can be perceived.

In life taking the chances to gain the best advantage is what governs the strong.

Become a legend in your time.

Life is what you make it.

Train your mind to be silent.

Weed your mental garden.

Thorns on the path of life.

Your real world is inside of you.

You become what you pursue.

Unless what you pursue is clearly and firmly fixed within your mind you will never achieve it.

The value of anything has is solely just based upon perception only.

The attitude towards what happened can fix your view to be positive or negative.

Value is based on perception, availability, necessity and desire.

Avoid letting circumstances control your decisions and dictate your actions, thereby controlling your life.

Life can become a habitual sequence of days if you don’t put effort into creating those intuitive desires within your reality.

Memorable Proverbs

Becoming what you want to be is as simple as trying.

Change is the medium to become who you wish to be.

Some are imprisoned by their own perception of reality.

Don’t be imprisoned by others perception of reality.

Over complication only confuses the essence of things.

What some value can be thought worthless by others.

Chance won’t always deliver what you want.

The paths that you take lead to the life you make.

Life offers the ability to pursue what catches your attention.

Insightful Quotes cards

You need persistence in order to maintain the reality that you desire.

Escape the repetitive whirl wind that life can become through complacency.

Past experiences are not always an ideal or good reflection of the present or the future.

Enliven your life by constantly pursuing ever new experiences and environments.

What you decide to pursue in life determines how your life experience plays out.

Behaviour determines who you attract, that in turn governs future behaviour.

Within the confines of legality you should live the life that gives you the most satisfaction.
The mind has ways of compounding situations beyond the actual legitimacy or relevance. Keeping the mind quiet and whatever arises in its simplest terms. Avoid to allow the rambling thought to be unproductive, without some conclusion or solution.
Observations or opinions of others may be contrary to one’s own, the decision whether to push one’s own point or simply let things be should always be considered. The circumstances will dictate whether to simply keep quiet or whether it is worth voicing a differing opinion.
Things don’t only change, they also change you; sometimes for good, sometimes not.
Don’t let what happens manipulate your ongoing intensions, staying focused upon what you are thinking or doing, avoiding intrusions into what is your current objective. Keeping objectives unaffected by external nonsense allows success to be delivered at your feet.
There are always forces that cause disruption within the fabric of reality, the purpose behind such actions can be obvious or a mystery. The key is to understand what is driving the situation the main factor, only then can it be challenged then negated or overcome.

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